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  1. Hi Everyone,

    A concern that often comes up when talking to parents is that of inequality of control between PC’s/ Mac’s in the house versus other devices (wifi connected phones, gamkes consoles, TV’s etc) when it comes to minimizing the threat of inappropriate or dangerous web content. (Adult XXX Sites, Sites hosting dangerous software etc).

    What I mean by this is that parents can spend a lot of time configuring or trying to block access to certain content, websites directed at the home computer, and then your child simply enables wireless access on their phone or another device and they are instantly online using your home internet connection with little control in place.

    As I discuss in my book, technology is not the only answer to this problem, you obviously need to be aware of when and how your child is going online and then to where – teaching your kids about what is considered good or bad, as well as being prepared to spot danger as it arises are some of the key non-technological controls.

    One technology or service that has some great feedback has come to my attention and may supplement your approach to keeping your kids safe online – its called OpenDNS.

    OpenDNS is a service you can sign up for that helps to protect any device that connects using your home internet connection – regardless of the device type. It provides a number of filtering and blocking protection mechanisms to protect your family using a special configuration for your internet connection.

    Take a look for yourself – and consider this in your strategy to keep you and your family safe online.

    In my opinion this could be a good “catch-all” when other non-technological and technological safety controls fail.

    Scott Deacon

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I discuss in my book some of the tactics used by predators to try and gain access to children – they are extremely cunning and adaptive in their approach.

    This article posted on an Australian newspaper website talks to a tactic Paedophiles are now using, which utilises dating websites to browse and look for lonely and single mothers who have children.

    In summary – grooming and meeting mothers to get to their kids, truly horrific and deceptive.

    The advice from the police in the article is to “lock down your profiles”; as I reinforce in my book – please remember only place information in a profile that you consider public in the first place – never place sensitive personal information on any social networking, website or dating site, it is simply an unsafe and risky proposition to do so.

    Scott Deacon

  3. Hi Everyone,

    A lesson in the reality of the predator threat that exists and is aimed squarely at our kids

    When you look at the “How” and “Where” of what this offender utilised to lure his victims the technology is simply a medium with which he committed his crime.

    The unfortunate aspect is that the victims were lured and taken advantage by offers of tickets and other gifts – as well being threatened with physical violence (the cross over from the online to the physical world).

    As I mention in my book this is one of the key ways in which predators lure their victims, we have to educate our kids to never, never accept approaches and gifts like this – its highly likely that they will be taken advantage of.

    Quoting Judge Richard Maidment “That responsibility (implying protecting kids) is left with often unsuspecting parents who may be ill-equipped to assess the risks to which their children are exposed by unsupervised access to the internet.”

    Parents – we have to step up and do more to protect our kids (technology will not do the job) , remember – become educated yourself, understand the issues, put in place a plan to help your kids stay safe and then implement it – my book is aimed squarely at helping you do this.

    Scott Deacon

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