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Cyber VIP Security services can help thwart Cyber threats targeted at you with our proactive services, or can provide assistance (including urgent response) in a time of need with our reactive services.

Proactive services:

Assessments – The first step with every client is to assess their risk profile. We do this by conducting  security, privacy and lifestyle assessments for the client, their family, personal staff and relevant interests.

From the assessment, a personalised, realistic view of the clients risk profile is produced and influenced by threats that are specific to the client and their lifestyle.

Assessments can also be conducted on a predetermined schedule with our clients to ensure we capture and identify the most up to date profile, married with the very latest intelligence on Cyber threats.

Mitigation advice and implementation – We can implement what’s needed in order to afford  the greatest level of protection for our clients, from a people, process and technology perspective.

We use the world’s best security services, technologies and techniques to ensure our clients have the greatest level of protection. Our experience dictates the approach and what is most effective for our VIP’s and their risk profile.

Significant change risk – VIP’s often make major lifestyle changes, for example major financial change or new asset commitments, or  activities such as marriage, divorce and family changes. These changes will likely increase a VIP’s risk to Cyber threats, let us assess that change and advise on the available choices to manage any applicable risks.

Concierge service – We offer a VIP premium service that provides 24×7 direct support and a rapid security technology deployment service, designed to keep up with the most agile and  traveled client, domestically and internationally.

Reactive services:

Response Services – Been attacked, think you are compromised, lost private information or financials, we can help you get back to a state of confidence and assurance.

Impact statement – Need to know how badly you’re affected, let our experts piece together events and possible loss and exposure.

All services underpinned by a confidential guarantee of non-public disclosure.

Contact us for a free and confidential appraisal of your situation: NOTE: Please do not send personal or sensitive information to us in email, we will contact you to discuss your situation in detail.

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